When people walk into my apartment, the first thing they ask is “What is that?“ and point at the many post-it notes on my wardrobe. Those are your responses to my writing over the past two years. I wrote them all down and re-read them when things aren’t going so well. They remind me that … More KIND WORDS MATTER.

I am an Immigrant.

Recently I read an article that accused white people living abroad of calling themselves ’expats’ instead of ’immigrants’ and thereby emphasizing their superiority over other ethnic groups living abroad (“Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?“ by Mawuna Remarque Koutonin, 2015). This issue has been on my mind for years, … More I am an Immigrant.

The ‘Fish in the Tank’ Metaphor, Or: My Early Struggles of Living Abroad

A wise friend told me the last time we met: “Moving abroad, I’ve always compared to being a fish in a tank when the water gets renewed. In the beginning, there might be too much oxygen in the fresh water, so the fish feels like suffocating. It’s like that when you, as a human, have … More The ‘Fish in the Tank’ Metaphor, Or: My Early Struggles of Living Abroad

Why I Write

Growing up, I felt like everything and everyone was against me. Like I’d been dealt all the useless cards in the game called life. My thoughts and feelings didn’t matter to a lot of people in the microcosmos of my childhood and teenage years. This could have broken my spirit unless I hadn’t found an … More Why I Write