When people walk into my apartment, the first thing they ask is “What is that?“ and point at the many post-it notes on my wardrobe. Those are your responses to my writing over the past two years. I wrote them all down and re-read them when things aren’t going so well. They remind me that … More KIND WORDS MATTER.

Funny Stories in Japan – The Changing Room Incident

I do realize that a lot of my posts are quite serious. That’s because I only want to share things when I think they’re actually meaningful. By doing that, I might not be giving credit to the funny things that happen to me in Japan though, and therefore not painting the whole picture of what … More Funny Stories in Japan – The Changing Room Incident

Teacher Low Points

I only played The Sims once in my life at a friend’s house in middle school. What I distinctly remember about this game is the thing about the energy levels of the characters: If they didn’t get enough food or rest or social encounters, they died. Simple as that. And that is how I feel … More Teacher Low Points