Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge, Miyazaki (and a short story about a mug)

24km west of Miyazaki city, there is a very, very small town called Aya. To be honest, I went there for one thing only: To walk on the Aya Teruha Suspension bridge, which is 250m long and 142m high. I’m not afraid of heights, but standing in the middle of this bridge, with no one else around, looking down at the river valley and up at the trees and the fog wafting over them, I was completely giddy with excitement. 

Holding onto the rails and even more to my camera, I felt like I was part of everything I was seeing, yet at the same time, my brain couldn’t fully understand I was just standing this high in the air. The funny part is – the bridge doesn’t really lead anywhere. On the other side, there are only some hiking trails. As far as I can tell it’s just a bridge for the sake of having a bridge – which is absolutely fine by me. 

Back in the town, I went to see the castle, where you could engage in crafts like weaving and pottery. I made a tiny mug which the staff there said it would be sent to me in August (3 months later). I then happened to move in July, and because I couldn’t contact the pottery place I wrote a handwritten letter to the tourist information center in Miyazaki, asking if they could let the pottery place in Aya know about the address change. It was a long shot, I know. But the mug arrived at my new house in August. That’s Japan for you. 




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