When people walk into my apartment, the first thing they ask is “What is that?“ and point at the many post-it notes on my wardrobe. Those are your responses to my writing over the past two years. I wrote them all down and re-read them when things aren’t going so well. They remind me that especially then it’s important to reach out and share my thoughts and feelings. They remind me that vulnerability is not a bad thing but the very reason humans connect on a deeper level. The following is a collection of your kinds words to me. They matter more than you might realize. Actually, they mean the world to me.


“Your blog posts always make me laugh.“

“I like your posts, they are funny. I think like you.“

“I just read your blog again. It was very entertaining as usual.“

“When I read your blog I hear you voice read it to me and then I have to grin.“

“Seems like everyone has their own OkCupid horror stories, whether Japan or the UK. Thanks Milli for always delighting us with your (mis)adventures.“


“I like your writing style!“

“It’s a lovely piece of writing.“

“Thank you Milli, insightful as ever…“

“Thanks Milli I enjoyed those words of yours…“

“I have always gained something from your writing.“

“I honestly think you have a talent to write blogs. It’s always witty and inspiring.“

“I love reading your perspective on things! They’re such an inspiration. I wish you all the best!“

“Milli I have absolutely fallen in love with Japan looking through your eyes. Thank you for your honest and insightful posts!“

“I read a bunch of articles from the first page of your blog and loved them! Your English is amazing by the way. Seriously, you’re an amazing writer. Have you ever thought about turning some of your thoughts into an ebook? I think you could do it!“


“I can relate to this post 100%.“

“Your article is spot on with the issues that come up in raising children.“

“You’re writing from my soul. I’m feeling the exact same way at the moment.“

“When I read your blog about making friends in Japan it made me cry!!“

“Another post that touches my heart and something I needed to hear. Milli, thanks for being you and doing what you do.“

“I’m glad you managed to put into words what is, and has been on my mind for years. In a way I’m sort of hanging on to my dreams via your writings and hope that one day people will understand the complicated situation of not being a checkbox bound by national, political or geographical boundaries.“

“It’s so weird, I feel this way everyday here in Britain. Even though I have always been a citizen, not growing up here I do feel quite out of place and I’m sure I’d be a foreigner back ’home‘. The world is becoming an intolerant place and unfortunately the lessons of the past seem to be falling on deaf ears. As always I love reading your post as I don’t feel so crazy.“


“You’re like the strongest person I know.“

“I’m sure you’ll be fine! You’re a brilliant person!“

“Oh Milli I love your post! You are such a wonderful person! You always smile! Just keep that up!!!“

“I love your blog Milli! I hope you’re doing ok and wish you all the best. I always look forward to the next post.“

“Dearest Milli, I just read your blog again after a long time. That felt really good! I’m always happy to read from you.“

“Just discovered your blog again…wow…how is life?! I love your journey… Thinking back to teacher training and seeing the way you have become…“

“It’s been a hard journey. Most of the people I consider real friends are people who have gone through some of these feelings. I’m actually speaking at a panel on Tuesday about teaching abroad and friends you make and how you keep in touch. In that I’m talking about our friendship and your blog posts.“

“As always I love that you not only validate how others are feeling but find a way to not passively perpetuate inequality. I am proud to be your friend every day.“







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