Road Trip along the Coast of Japan – Thoughts on Being an Adult

“Do you want your memories to be those of saying no to life?”

This was a line from a song we once sang in an acting class I took back in the days of being a university student. Back in the days when life was easy and we said yes to everything, like our entire lives were an acting class.

When we danced in the summer rain instead of worrying about getting drenched.

When we climbed on top of the roof of our house just to sit there and watch the sunset.

When we lay on the balcony at night, looking at the starry sky, talking about feeling connected to the universe. And about all the amazing things we were going to do and see in our lives.

Then one day we woke up to find yet another bill in our mailbox and realized that we were out of coffee and that it was raining outside and that we didn’t feel like going to work at all. That we wished the day was already over and we could just crawl back into bed.

Welcome to being an adult.

The end.


Wasn’t “Being an adult” about doing whatever the hell we want? About seeing all the places we wanted to see? About thinking all those great thoughts? What happened to that?

This is a principle I want to learn to live by again: Say YES to life. Loud and clear.

This is why last week, when my colleagues invited me to join them on a road trip along the coast of Chiba prefecture, I said “yes”, even though the thought of sleeping in on Saturday morning and doing nothing all weekend was oh so tempting.

I’m extremely glad I said yes. Not only did I get to see hidden waterfalls, rice terraces and several beaches, but I also got to spend many hours in a car with funny, educated and open-minded people who are out and about in the world, saying yes to life.

And I’m one of them.

DSCF3801    DSCF3618

DSCF3576    DSCF3823

DSCF3841    DSCF3598

DSCF3460    DSCF3859


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