The Perfect Weekend

This weekend started with a lot of frustration. Why? Because I didn’t have any plans. I hadn’t signed up with any meet up groups online, I hadn’t contacted friends and no one had contacted me either. How sad. Right?

Especially when you have kids and colleagues around you all day long, and you’re on “social interaction overload“, the idea of suddenly being by yourself for two entire days can let you fall into an emotional hole.

My colleagues on the other hand had the craziest weekend plans going. Some were going to take a boat to a little island outside of Yokohama and staying in a Ryokan and some were even going to climb Mount Fuji. Why am I not doing cool things like that this weekend? What is wrong with me?

Well, for one thing, I’m so overworked and exhausted at the moment, that on Thursday I had to admit defeat and call in sick. I slept all day instead of making weekend plans. On Friday, I dragged myself back to work and felt even worse by the end of the day.

So what to do with this “wasted weekend“?

First of all I pick up the ridiculous pile of laundry off the floor and wash it. I do the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for a week. I tidy up. The cleaner and more organised my apartment gets, the calmer I feel inside.

It’s already late when I go to the Onsen near my house, where I usually go several times a week to deal with the stress from work but hadn’t been there in over a week. I realize how much I’d missed it. I feel even calmer afterwards. My mind and time itself have already started to slow down.

Saturday morning just before 6 am I’m shaken awake by an earthquake (magnitude 3 in Yokohama) but go back to sleep for incredible six more hours. I hadn’t slept until noon since I was a teenager who came back from a party. I’m lacking sleep so badly at the moment.

The sun is out in a blue sky, which after a week of heavy rain, a typhoon, and destructive floods north of Tokyo, is such a wonderful treat. I walk around my area with my camera and film a lot, which I’ve been wanting to do since I moved here. Stop at what I call the “town square of my area“ to listen to a musician, singing and playing his guitar. Watch kids play with a ball.

Then I pay a visit to the burger place I just recently discovered. They make a vegetarian burger and play The Beatles. What else could I possibly ask for?

I do some window shopping. It’s the first time since I got to Japan that I can actually enjoy looking at all the shops without having to rush and to carry heavy things to my apartment.

Back at home I do some writing, then talk on Skype for a long time with a family member who is having a bit of a life crisis at the moment. The connection is crystal clear despite the distance.

Sunday morning, I make a cup of coffee and just sit there, looking out the window. Amazed that no one is rushing me and most important of all, I’m not rushing myself. This is the moment I realize how perfect this weekend really is. That, no matter how boring my activities seem compared to those of other people, this is exactly what I need right now.

And now I’m off for a walk in the park. Cheers.


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